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Common Gardening Mistakes

June 16, 2015

It’s OK. We promise not to tell anyone that you were looking on this page. This is a safe place to get good information on that topic that you were always too embarrassed to ask about: common mistakes in the

Mosquito Repellent Plants

June 16, 2015

You might have spent lots of time and money creating your garden oasis, but unfortunately that won’t protect you from annoying pests. Sorry, we’re not talking about Charlie the Kid Who Never Goes Home or the neighbour who insists on

Gardening Don’ts

June 03, 2015

Ever go overboard at the Nursery? So many beautiful flowers and plants to choose from that you buy too many or perhaps the wrong kind? Choosing plants and preparing for a beautiful garden can be overwhelming. Make your garden dreams


About Big Yellow Bag

Easier than getting a pizza delivered!

Join with tens of thousands of other BigYellowBag users and order yours today!! Since 1994 our customers have been receiving the BigYellowBag with "knock-your-socks-off" customer service and a smile. The BigYellowBag made its first appearance in Southwestern Ontario. Since then, it has been making its way across Canada and the United States!

Our goal is very simple: "To make our customers happy." We have always delivered Black Garden Soil, in the BigYellowBag, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the BigYellowBag isn't exactly what you expected when you receive it, we will pick it up and refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, no fuss, and we'll do it with a smile!

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Our Soil – Guaranteed to grow everything Better

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We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we’ve heard all of these comments and more. We know that every business says they have the best product, and when it comes to our Black Garden Soil, we wanted to know whether or not it was actually as good as we believed it to be.

So, in 2011, we hired a University Agriculture student for the summer, and his only job was to see how our Black Garden Soil held up against ten other brands of soil purchased in the area. Even we were surprised at how much bigger and heartier the plants grown in our soil were compared to the others.

How come our Black Garden Soil helps plants perform so much better? Realtors have location, location, location; we have testing, testing, testing.

When it comes to getting our ‘stock’ of soil, we don’t just go with the closest or cheapest suppliers- we search out the best quality soil and will bring it in from as far as six or eight hours’ drive away. Also, we’ll purchase soil and stock it, sometimes for years in advance, to make certain we can consistently offer the highest quality of soil to our customers.

Different kinds of soil have different levels of nutrients; one will have more phosphorus, another more nitrogen, and so on. Using third-party laboratories and professional agronomists, we test the soils we’re purchasing from our suppliers to determine these levels.

Once we know the properties of the soils, we blend them to create a perfect balance that offers the best levels of nutrients, minerals and soil texture to stimulate plant growth.

After we’ve mixed the soil, we will screen it several times, making sure that there aren’t any stones or clumps in the blend. Then we get it tested again to make sure that our Black Garden Soil’s nutritional properties fall within optimal ranges. We all know the saying “you are what you eat,” and we want to make sure your garden or lawn is getting the best ‘food’ possible from our Black Garden Soil.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


And when you buy our Big Yellow Bag of Black Garden Soil, we are so confident that you will be happy with our product that if it’s not what you expected when we deliver it, we will pick it up at our cost and give you a complete refund- that’s our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Contact us today to place your order; we promise, you’ll be happy you did!

Growing Tips

The best way to improve your soil is to amend your existing soil with an organic type soil such as BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil. This soil is perfect for any type of gardening such as Vegetable Gardens, Flower Beds, or for Overseeding and Topdressing your lawn.

Black Garden Soil works best by blending it into your existing soil to improve it. Think of it as a First Aid treatment for your soil. BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil is comprised of a combination of black loam, peat loam, very well-decomposed manure and a touch of mineral soil. These ingredients encourage microbial activity, which aid in plant growth. Approximately one cubic yard in size, the bags yield enough soil for the average homeowner’s use. And just to make it more perfect the chunks are screened out too. This soil is specially blended to enrich and balance the local soil conditions found in our area.

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At BigYellowBag, we’re all about growth. Not only helping you grow the best garden and lawn with our specially-blended Black Garden Soil, which is delivered to you in our iconic Big Yellow Bag, but we are also growing nationally, bringing you our acclaimed high quality standards in those BigYellowBags of Black Garden Soil, to more and more communities across North America.

Sure anyone can put dirt in bags; but unless it’s our BigYellowBag of Black Garden Soil, it’s not the same thing.  Check the drop menu below to find the BigYellowBag location closest to you. Get your questions answered, arrange delivery, and enjoy the best knock-your-socks-off customer service around.  And if you don’t find your community listed here, be sure to check back again soon – as we’re becoming available in more locations all the time!

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